Jacob P. Rozsahegyi

Content Creator

I am a content creator from Richmond, Virginia who specializes in creating unique concepts and visuals. I've been creating content for 8 years now and I am absolutely immersed in what I do. I have a specific love for the 70's era which I feel has had a heavy influence on my style of filming and directing! I try to create unique content that is really dramatic and moody. My mind really has a way of seeing colors and lighting in unique ways that allow me to craft my content to have a more conceptualized appeal. I create to inspire or spark some sort of feeling within a person! My love for what I do has allowed me to work for some pretty cool people and companies such as Modelo, Marc Bell Foundation, The Clout Cloud, The Cloud Citadel, Pocket Disc/Mayaflaya, Floyd Fest, Meek Mill, Future, Meg The Stallion, DJ Mustard, Ella Mai, Virginia Commonwealth University, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and more... I'm very grateful for this creative path I decided to go down and all the gateways it has opened for me! I've met so many amazing people throughout this journey and created so many unique experiences that I will never forget! The future always holds new moments and experiences to be made, so I will continue to capture those moments as they come my way!